Tomato Cages


I have tried various tomato cages. These are working the best so far…but it is WAY early. I built cedar box cages a couple years ago but I couldn’t store them well.

They are made of PVC pipe. I drilled holes in the larger pipes and just inserted the 1/2 inch pipe through it. It’s tight, but I can easily pull them apart and store them for the winter.

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I created a blog a couple years ago, but I forgot the password and the website. I’m trying again. The objective is to track our progress from year to year. I used to write stuff down in a notebook, but pictures really tell the story. So I’ll post a lot of pictures here.

The picture above is of a lady bug coming out of its cacoon. We had a crazy infestation of aphids and I avoided spraying. Our reward is hundreds of lady bugs.

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